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Meeting E-mail Friends & Aunts and Uncles

Do you remember me discussing the importance of finding kindred spirits and that one of mine was someone I’d never met face-to-face?  I was referring to my friend Clare, who had begun e-mailing me while we were still in the Ukraine for little L’s adoption.  She was so kind and helpful during that whole time […]

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Dan’s Family & the Kanters

Another big day.  Today, Liliana met Dan’s family–his sister and her husband and kids, and Granddad Rich and Grandma Janice.  Rich has avocado and orange and grapefruit trees in the backyard–ones I’d like to transport to Minnesota!–and Liliana joined him in picking them for our breakfast.  Granddad peeled some for her, and she got a […]

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“Gamma” Visits the Ritz

My mom came to have a late brunch with us at the Ritz where Dan is attending a conference. Liliana has christened my mother “Gamma,” and let me tell you, she has Gamma wrapped around her finger.  She was asking about her the next day.  “Gamma?” as in “Is Gamma coming back?” or “Will I […]

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Jesus, Interrupted

Silly me.  Not only did I forget to charge up my Kindle 2 before our CA trip (so it was dead on the flight out), but I also forgot my jump drive with my blog loaded on it, so five days from now, you’re going to discover five days of information suddenly uploaded to the […]

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Angel of Death

We’re traveling today, so I’m going to write a short post. Last night, Dan and I finished watching After the Truth, a 1999 German film about Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” responsible for killing and experimenting on vast numbers of people headed to Auschwitz’s gas chambers. As you may know, in 1979 Mengele […]

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