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Language Acquisition

I’m continually amazed at the words and phrases little L. is picking up. Today, she talked on the phone with my sister Worthy, and she was having a ball responding to everything Worthy was saying.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she said (I’m sorry to say that she’s learned that imprecise language from me).  I know little […]

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Debate vs. Discussion

Whenever you paint or draw or sculpt or write, or in any way offer up a vision of the world (yours or your art’s…yes, they can be separate!), you run the risk of angering or irritating multiple swaths of people.  I knew this when I wrote Eve. I received my first ugly e-mail the other […]

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The other day, I read about the guff Gwyneth Paltrow was taking about her new website.  You can view GOOP here.  My curiosity piqued, I went browsing.  The website has only been up a short while.  It’s simple and straightforward…not what you’d expect from a celebrity who might want to clutter things up.  If you […]

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Past & Present Wisdom

Before in my blog, I’ve given you a handful of quotes, since I’m an avid collector of them.  Because they’re so pithy and punchy, they sometimes carry more weight than a pageful of prose.  Today, I give you more. I’m in the midst of sorting things out in my mind and am not able to […]

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Remembering the Joy in Living

Today, I’m going to share two poems.  The first encapsulates what I feel when I open the windows and doors in the spring–and hear the wind in the trees, the birdsong in the air, the chatter of squirrels, the rush of the stream down below.  The second is my experience now.  I can’t find God, […]

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