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Memories As Chemicals

Discover magazine has a fascinating article in the July/August 2009 issue called “Out of the Past” by Kathleen McGowan, discussing the changes in memory study.  I’d link it here, but it’s not up on the Discover site yet (if it ever will be). First, I’ll preface this by reminding everyone that we’re made up of […]

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Walking Along the Black Sea Boardwalk

See the glass toy cubicles in the background?  You know the kind where there’s a pair of metal pinchers inside, and you have to manipulate them to grab the toy you want?  Well, Dan’s able to nab one for Liliana–a light blue elephant holding a red velvet heart.  Afterwards, she doesn’t have as much interest […]

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The God Question

Liliana surprises us at every turn–delightfully so.   She shrieks and laughs and runs and wants to play kissy-face (where she places her palms on our cheeks and pulls us in to kiss us on the lips repeatedly).  She’s impressionable and mimics everything.  The astonishing thing is that sometimes she waits a day to pull […]

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Black Sea Baby

Today we take Liliana back to the apartment to dress her in some of her new clothes.  Dan wants to take pictures in front of the Lenin statue before the weather turns sour again and the mountains disappear.  She’s impressed by her clothes; she smoothes them out and adjusts them.  She feels her suede flowered […]

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She Calls Us Mama and Papa For the First Time

I catch the above photo in a kneejerk reaction as she’s running toward me.  This is what she looks like when she’s running from Dan.  He scoops her up and soars her in the air, and she shrieks with delight. Wow.  Woooow.  We say this to her over and over again, about things we see […]

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