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First Leg of the Trip Home

U.S. Embassy paperwork.  Check. Liliana’s temper tantrum for the day.  She doesn’t want to go down for a nap.  45 minutes of inconsolable screaming.  We don’t know how she does it–physically.  That’s a lot of crying.  Check. Flight from Kiev to Amsterdam.  Liliana is exhausted, yet she manages to be a gem because KLM allows […]

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Almost There

Almost There sounds like we’re not living in the moment, and that’s not entirely true.  We’re here.  We’re enjoying our time with Liliana, and we know we won’t all be together like this, in this fashion, until our next vacation.  We’ve had a couple of days where, in the scheme of things, Dan has been […]

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The Paddling Mystery

First, a funny anecdote.  We couldn’t figure out why Liliana tries to eat the bubbles in her bath.  Only this morning we realized that she’s equating them with the cappuccino foam we give her.  Who knew? On Friday, our translator advised us to buy airline tickets to Kiev, leaving Simferopol at 12:50 p.m. today, knowing […]

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How Good We Have It

Liliana and I were waiting yesterday in front of the bank while Dan withdrew more hrivnas (Ukrainian bills).  I’m sure I looked shocked when a man pointed to the ATM line, indicating, “Are you in line?”  I shook my head and pointed to Dan and said no and thank you.  I think he’s the second […]

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Singing Games

We think maybe we got a boy instead.  She fills her pockets with everything.  She finds all the puddles–water and mud.  She runs pell-mell down the walkways until she lands face first.  She loves to soar and fly in Dan’s arms.  She wants to climb and scale and jump.  But the apple has no stem.  […]

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