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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

From my podcast of the same name. What things would you like to tell your younger self, if given the opportunity?  I’ve often thought I would never want to re-live my life again—heavens, no!—but I would like to have had some timely advice for things I was experiencing.  I wonder, though, if I would have […]

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It’s Really All About God

“I signed up for a movement that was standing still, with explorers who had already arrived, and for a revolution that had given up.” So says Samir Selmanovic in his book It’s Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian.  The worst part: he’s talking about Christianity. Here’s a book after my […]

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Thought you’d enjoy this slide show of the various and remarkable waterbirds that Theodore Cross has photographed, compliments of The New York Times. [Cross’ voice reminds me a little of my UCLA professors–very monotone and non-exuberant, but hang in there, it’s still interesting…] Cross photographed many of his birds on Christmas Island in the Indian […]

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More Thoughts on Avatar

So many conflicting views on this movie.  I loved the movie, as I mentioned briefly in January 11’s post. By now, you know that Avatar won a Golden Globe for Best Picture.  The effects are unreal (as in deliciously excellent), and although the story is predictable and clichéd, it works somehow (in my humble opinion).  […]

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The Hurt Locker

I cannot possibly do a better review of this movie than A. O. Scott has done for The New York Times, so I’m not going to try.  You can read his version here. The Hurt Locker is beyond intense.  [The title refers to soldier vernacular in Iraq, where experiencing a bomb is going to “the […]

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