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Last fall, I took the 20-question Belief-O-Matic quiz on Beliefnet, just to see where I fell on the religious spectrum, because as you know, I’ve pretty much said goodbye to organized religion, calling myself spiritual instead.  [I realize definitions are in order, but we’ll get to that later.] As you’ve probably figured out already—whether or not […]

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A Long Way From Tipperary

Although not all of Crossan’s book A Long Way From Tipperary was riveting to me (I skimmed the personal parts, devoured the spiritual thoughts), I found a few nuggets that meant something to me.  [Crossan is an ex-monk, ex-priest who’s written myriads of books on the historical Jesus.] If you, dear reader, have followed my […]

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Poem & Mason Jennings Encore

I’ve been pondering this poem the last few days, attempting to decipher it–in the sense that I’m not quite sure what Milosz really believes in the end. Thought you’d like a crack at it. “Religion Comes” Religion comes from our pity for humans They are too weak to live without divine protection. Too weak to […]

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Franny and Zooey

Why haven’t I read this novel until now?  Why, oh why?  Why wasn’t it the first thing I picked up after Catcher in the Rye? I’m not sure. WARNING: for those of you who have chosen, in life, not to surround yourself with bad language, then this is not the book, nor the post, for […]

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Questioning Religion

More thoughts on David Dark’s The Sacredness of Questioning Everything.  Previous thoughts are here. Dark defines “religion” a little differently than I think most of us refer to it as, and that is as a “calling out.”  Meaning, it’s how you live your life, day to day.  So, religion can be anything, not just…well, the […]

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