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Good Friday Questions

At the end of yesterday’s post, Bing in Birmingham posted a list of questions, which I will attempt to answer today in a VERY LONG post. They’re biggies.  Are you ready?  The questions are in bold, if you want to skip any of them.  [And Bing, I, too, like Clare, have quoted from the Bible, […]

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Making Kind Choices

A couple of years ago, Dan and I were watching Jesus Camp (which needs its own separate review, and which I have neither the stamina nor the strength to review here…there are so many astonishingly appalling things said in that movie…I wouldn’t know where to begin!) when there was a scene of a mother and […]

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Homosexuality vs. Obesity

If there’s one thing that gets me irate, it’s a superior smugness. I’m driving home from working out yesterday, and I’m pulling out a CD in order to listen to the radio, and although I have my pre-programmed radio program buttons, I think, “Let’s see what else is out there,” and within seconds I catch […]

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Misquoting Jesus

As promised, I’ve finished Misquoting Jesus, Bart Ehrman’s prelude to Jesus, Interrupted, which I’ve already blogged about in a previous post here. What a fascinating read–a little drier than Jesus, Interrupted–but still, fascinating!  I won’t pretend to know the actual truth of Ehrman’s comments, because I do not know Greek and Hebrew (and Latin), which […]

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So.  My husband and I watched Religulous, Bill Maher’s controversial documentary blasting organized religion. Here’s my humble hypothesis.  You will emerge during the credits with one of two attitudes: indignant rage or well-yeah-that’s-kind-of-how-it-is. Dan and I felt the latter, and Dan and I consider ourselves Christians (or Jesus followers, because that says who we really […]

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