Explaining E-Readers to Charles Dickens

A few bookish surprises for this beautiful Saturday morning.

Rebecca Greenfield’s The Atlantic piece, “Designing a 19th-Century Kindle: An E-Reader for Dickens,” is a must-see.  Clever.

Check out Milan-based street artist Guildor’s floating word art.  Ahhh.  Love it.

Are you sleepy?  Here’s a dream come true…a book you can sleep in.  Zzzz…

Peruse favorite final lines from 20 books.  I think my favorite is from A Tale of Two Cities.

Do you have anything to share?  Do tell.

[Post image: Old Holy Bible by Sarej on stock.xchng]


  1. terry
    Jun 13, 2011

    Maybe a bit unrelated, but thought you might like this info. A couple of these surprised me!

    • Elissa
      Jun 14, 2011

      Fascinating! I’m afraid I’ve been using some of those words incorrectly…oh my! Thanks for that!

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