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Creative Dreams

The Squam Art Workshops are retreats for the imagination, set on what looks like an idyllic location–Squam Lake, NH.  I’ve never been, but I’m hoping to attend one day.  They were started by Elizabeth MacCrellish in 2008, as “an enterprise that is dedicated to infusing art with spirit, and life with all manner of creative […]

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How To Be Alone

I’ve just finished The Evolution of God by Robert Wright, and my brain feels like a stuffed green pepper.  One of these days I’ll share, in a succinct and clear way, what I learned.  To compare, I’ve picked up Stephen Prothero’s God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World–and Why Their […]

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We Are All Kin in the Desert

Good morning, my sweet readers.  I’m in the middle of a lovely week with my mother.  We’ve had the best conversations, and now, it’s raining outside (a slight drizzle), so we’re both holed up–reading, writing–just for a couple of hours or so. I give this poem to you today. For the Sake of Strangers Dorianne […]

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One More Morning

At Least Raymond Carver I want to get up early one more morning, before sunrise. Before the birds, even. I want to throw cold water on my face and be at my work table when the sky lightens and smoke begins to rise from the chimneys of the other houses. I want to see the […]

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