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Thin Places

Kevin Kaiser posted this video on his blog last Saturday, in which he discusses how all artists (songwriters, painters, sculptors, speakers, writers…I would add in here, parents*) are in this thin place where heaven and earth touch. We, as artists, talk about more than we know.  We talk about love and grace and truth, in […]

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Things That Make Me Smile

A few things that make my teeth show.  [Scroll over the words to find the links.] Megan Galante’s beautiful paper roses and leaves display for the window display at Only Hearts. Charles Rafferty’s poem, “Against Hesitation.”  Digest slowly.  If you crave more, go to Brian Brodeur’s site for an interview with Charles. If you stare […]

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Home Again

So much to tell you, and yet it’s late…and I’m exhausted. A nugget of wisdom for tonight.  You’ll hear much more from me tomorrow. From Mary Oliver’s “Swimming, One Day in August”: “About tomorrow, who knows anything. Except that it will be time, again, for the deepening and quieting of the spirit.” Deep breath in.  […]

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There is a Place Beyond Ambition When the flute players couldn’t think of what to say next they laid down their pipes, then they lay down themselves beside the river and just listened. Some of them, after a while, jumped up and disappeared back inside the busy town. But the rest— so quiet, not even […]

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On the Brink of a New Year

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I have in the past, but they’ve been unrealistic and somewhat discouraging after the first week.  No chocolate until I get down to a certain weight?  Who am I kidding?! I’ve decided to make some realistic changes instead.  Write daily in a gratitude journal.  Read the daily entry in […]

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