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Is It Ever Right To Lie?

Years ago, when I was still teaching high schoolers, the movie Life is Beautiful came out, and it was the topic of much discussion as my students entered and exited my room during passing periods.  “Go see it, Elliott,” they’d say.  [They always knocked off the “Mrs.”  I think it was their way of including […]

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Art & Children’s Book Characters

Do I have some fun for you today, brought to my attention by Alison Morris of Publishers Weekly!  And it’s not just delightful fun for adults, but for kids, too. I confess.  I’ve read Gaiman’s dark book Coraline, but I’ve not seen the movie.  I will after viewing these exquisite behind-the-scenes videos on how Coraline […]

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Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning is not a feel-good, laugh-out-loud movie like Little Miss Sunshine.  But I think you’ll walk out of the theater saying it was a good movie. Some of the story lines are unfinished.  Some of them are weak.  But all in all, the acting by Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, and Alan Arkin is superb. […]

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The Girl in the Cafe

We had movie club on Friday night and showed The Girl in the Cafe–which Dan and I had seen before and loved. If you’ve ever seen Bill Nighy in anything (Love Actually is one of Dan’s and my favorites), or Kelly MacDonald in anything (she was Josh Brolin’s wife in No Country for Old Men), […]

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Catchy Tune

It’s time for some music. After all, it’s Friday, and you need to dance a little, shake out all those stresses from the week. [Okay, I do!] This song is from the beginning of the movie Juno. I dare you to keep still. Have a great weekend!

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