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Rock the Cradle

Two more days until the arrival of Eve on bookshelves.  It feels a bit surreal.  It’s a little like hanging your laundry out to dry, and having people comment on the type of underwear you wear.  Indeed, I’m guessing this is how artists of all mediums feel–a little exposed, a little vulnerable.  But, as I’ve […]

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Oscar Nominees

This will be the first year that Dan and I will not have seen most, if not all, of the Oscar-nominated films before Oscar night.  In the past, we have found that throwing our own votes into the mix spices things up. This afternoon Dan and I saw Revolutionary Road, based on Richard Yates’s 1962 […]

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Winners! and a Song

Drum roll, please.  The winners of the Eve Giveaway Contest are these fabulous people (for those of you who didn’t play, or did play and didn’t receive, I’m so sorry…truly, blame the hat I put the names into!): Jenny N. Mimi Kelly G. Vicki Laura U. If you five will e-mail me at comment4elissa at […]

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It makes me sad that studios like Fox have had to design specific divisions for the evangelical Christian (Fox Faith and Provident Film).  Clean, cozy stories for the cleanest people?  What?  I don’t get it. If you’ve read the Bible through and through, it’s a pretty harrowing read in some places, and from it, we’ve […]

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Barred Owl

This past fall, right before we left for the adoption, Dan came racing down the stairs, talking on the phone, but motioning out the window, frantic for me to see something.  We have many large windows all along the south of the house, so we get to see various things throughout the day, if we’re […]

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