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Out of Your Own Heart

Patience, dahlings, patience.  I’ll tell you all about last night’s Susan Enan concert on Tuesday.  I need time to compose my happy thoughts (and pictures). In the meantime, I give you a gift.  Actually, the gift is none of my doing.  It’s one of Mary Oliver’s astute pieces.  Oh, how I love how she puts […]

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Form As a Limitation in Creativity

Have you ever dreamed a fantastic thing in your mind, and then you tried to put it on paper or paint it on canvas or sculpt it or mold it, and it just didn’t have that oomph you saw in your head? Ah, you’ve fallen prey to what I call the artist’s discrepancy—the falling short […]

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The Paradox of Courage

I’m trying to work with a new form in my next novel, and yes, it’s causing severe bouts of doubt.  Can I pull it off?  Will it be a huge flop?  With a possibility of failing, though, I’m hoping there will be the same possibility of success.  The whole process requires a regular dose of […]

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Obvious to You. Amazing to Others.

This is a must-see, 2-minute video, if you ever doubt how remarkable you are.  Yes, YOU!  You fill a niche no one else can.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this, and I think you’ll begin to see… Derek Siver’s “Obvious to You.  Amazing to Others.” [Post image: Word IDEA on the dices by hicks at stock.xchng]

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Mysterious Paper Sculptures

I love surprises.  Especially beautiful ones that take your breath away. Look at the exquisite dragon sculpture (made out of paper) above.  It’s one of several being left surreptitiously throughout Edinburgh’s literary community.  No one knows who’s leaving them. First, there was the paper tree left at the Scottish Poetry Library… Then others cropped up […]

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