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The Why of What You Do

Turns out, lots of businesses can tell you what they’re selling and how their product works, but that alone doesn’t make you want to buy.  If they can somehow explain the why to you, they might be successful. This talk by Simon Sinek is about the golden circle–thinking from the inside out.  [You start with […]

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Does God Need Us?

From Annie Dillard’s For the Time Being: “‘For the Jew the world is not complete; people must complete it.’  So said a nineteenth-century Frenchman, Edmund Fleg.  Recently Lawrence Kushner stated the same idea powerfully and bluntly: ‘God does not have hands, we do.  Our hands are God’s.  It is up to us, what God will […]

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Creative Capital Artist Development Project

As promised.  Scoot closer.  I’m going to tell you all about the workshop I attended this past weekend.  Ready?  Do you have your cup of joe in hand? First, I must tell you about the people who presented this great wealth of information to us.  Creative Capital is “a national grant-making not-for-profit organization that gives […]

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Modern Art for Kids

There’s something about design and art and creativity and beauty that makes my heart and mind race a tad faster.  I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by new ideas.  [That’s been my experience with children, too.] So, when I find hip, funky projects that are feasible to do with little ones (or with anyone), I corral […]

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Connecting in Silence

How much can be communicated in a room of quiet? Since March 14th, Marina Abramovic has sat in silence, across from strangers who stand in line to commune with her, in her MoMa exhibit called “The Artist is Present.”  No gestures, facial expressions, or talking.  Some stay minutes, others longer.  In addition to a live […]

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