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101 Simple Salads for the Season

Are you wondering what to do with all that fresh produce this summer? Look no further.  Take a look at The New York Times, right here, for ways to spice up your summer salads.  Don’t they look yummy?  And simple? And on a separate topic: if you’re an indie movie lover, aching for creativity and […]

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Is Your Soul Weighing You Down?

Okay, so Dan’s reading The New Yorker last night, and suddenly he says, “You have to do this on your blog!”  He hands the magazine to me and points in the upper right-hand corner.  It’s an advertisement for The Soul Storage Company with the caption: “Is your soul weighing you down?  Store it!  In a […]

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I first heard this song, believe it or not, on the Shrek soundtrack.  Rufus Wainwright does the honors.  It’s a Leonard Cohen song, though, and since then, I’ve heard many renditions of it, especially in movies. Here’s Brandi’s take on it…and I’m hoping she does it at her concert in September, because I’m going! Do […]

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lmnop magazine

I’ve just downloaded all seven FREE issues of lmnop.  Such fun!  Ideas for everyone! Don’t you just love finding things like this–resources that will add to your arsenal of things-at-your-fingertips? Enjoy! [Post image: New Magazines by lusi at stock.xchng]

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Do You See?

Have you heard of Ted Kooser, the poet?  I suppose in today’s realm of poetry, it’s a crime to be “accessible” to the masses, but he is, and I love his down-to-earth, honest words.  [I think it’s more of a crime to capture things in writing that only a handful of people can understand, let […]

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