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When Do You Feel Most Alive?

Throughout the month of December, every once in a while, I’m going to post a transcript of a previous podcast (for those of you more inclined to read than listen).  The question that heads each post is for you to answer in your heart.  You might find these mental and emotional excursions a safe and […]

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Mini-Retreat: Day Three

Do you come to this third day of our mini-retreat with great trepidation or great joy?  Or with a feeling in-between? May I just say that I admire that you’re reading this (not because of me, but because of the content), and that by daring to ask these questions of yourself, you’re growing and learning.  […]

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Mini-Retreat: Day One

Last November, I received a Save-the-Date invitation to a Fabulous Women’s Weekend Retreat in West Palm Beach in February of this year.  I blogged about the joy in receiving it here.  Included in the invite was one of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson, which set the tone for the get-together: “Our deepest fear is […]

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