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Summer Music Mix

This Saturday Dan and I are going to our second U2 360º Tour concert.  This time we’re in the Red Zone.  Up close so we can see Bono’s and Edge’s nose hairs. You can never have too much music, right?  And it’s always fun to hear someone else’s idea of a good mix.  You may […]

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All I Need Is Everything

This…from ImageUpdate (a bi-weekly newsletter I get in my e-mail inbox)–a new (and somewhat personal) way to get your fans to invest in you! I was intrigued, probably because I’ve loved Over the Rhine’s music for a long time.  I’ll let ImageUpdate explain: Over the Rhine and Joe Henry to Make a Record–With Your Help […]

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I Want You To Be My Love

Frequently, I want to thank Dan for living this fantastic life with me.  I want to shout out for joy that he’s chosen me to share his ups and downs with. This morning, the baby monitor was still on when he went down to get Liliana from her bedroom, so we could all have a […]

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