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It’s Really All About God

“I signed up for a movement that was standing still, with explorers who had already arrived, and for a revolution that had given up.” So says Samir Selmanovic in his book It’s Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian.  The worst part: he’s talking about Christianity. Here’s a book after my […]

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Beginning of the Week Thoughts

Last week, I received a short reply from Redlefty of the blog Megaloi, responding to my question of whether or not he’d found any good books to read about Jesus’s humanness or divinity (or both). His reply:  “…I’ve certainly had the same doubts/thoughts about Jesus.  Honestly, I don’t know how I used to read the […]

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Since I have an interfaith audience–which I’m ecstatic about–what I’m about to tell you will shock some, will be well-duh! to others. I’ve not attended church in over a year and a half.  [This may not seem outrageous to some of you, but you have to understand, churchgoing is not negotiable where I come from.  […]

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Recently, I read Dani Shapiro’s memoir Devotion, in which she’d come to a crisis point in her life, where her son was asking her what she believed, and she didn’t know what to tell him.  Devotion is Shapiro’s quest for that answer (or should I say answers?). On so many levels, I was wrung out […]

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A Long Way From Tipperary

Although not all of Crossan’s book A Long Way From Tipperary was riveting to me (I skimmed the personal parts, devoured the spiritual thoughts), I found a few nuggets that meant something to me.  [Crossan is an ex-monk, ex-priest who’s written myriads of books on the historical Jesus.] If you, dear reader, have followed my […]

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