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Calm and Compassionate Children

Our babysitter arrived at our house yesterday with a sudden bloody nose.  She was highly embarrassed, of course (which there was no reason to be) but as she sat on our couch with her head back, Liliana hovered.  “Are you okay?” she said.  “Are you okay?”  Then Liliana went into the pantry where we keep […]

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Yogurt Granita

This is the next recipe I’m going to try.  Doesn’t it sound perfect for a sunny, breezy day? Yogurt Granita (from Cookie Magazine, July 2009)…[Update on 10.11.10: Cookie Magazine is no longer being published.  This recipe can be found on Epicurious instead.] Serves 6 | 10 minutes active time | 3 hours total time The best […]

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