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What 10 Books Have Influenced How You Look At the World?

We have winners for the two up-for-grab issues of Books & Culture, May/June 2010 issue! Renae and Lindsey.  Congratulations, you two!  If you’ll e-mail me at comment4elissa at gmail dot com and provide me with your addresses, I shall send them straightaway.  Happiest of reading to you. John Wilson, my editor at Books & Culture, […]

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Beginning of the Week Thoughts

Last week, I received a short reply from Redlefty of the blog Megaloi, responding to my question of whether or not he’d found any good books to read about Jesus’s humanness or divinity (or both). His reply:  “…I’ve certainly had the same doubts/thoughts about Jesus.  Honestly, I don’t know how I used to read the […]

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The Shack

I thought I could avoid this little chat altogether until I read Katherine Jeffrey’s review of The Shack in Books & Culture, January/February 2010.  You can read it here. Jeffrey was brief and fair on the literary merit of The Shack.  The book is not beautifully written, but then the message is not in the […]

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Was Handel Gay?

I don’t think the answer to this question really matters, unless you base your ability to enjoy Handel’s Messiah on it.  Or any of Handel’s works, for that matter. I didn’t know there was a controversy, but if you read this delightful piece by John Ito, “Handel–Another Gay Anglican?” in Books & Culture’s November/December 2009 […]

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The God I Don’t Understand

I’m starting to read The God I Don’t Understand by Christopher Wright.  I like the title.  I like what it claims.  The subtitle reads, “Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith.”  I’m afraid, though, that it won’t answer my other questions, that of the origins of Christian faith and thought.  That’s where I’m stuck now. It’s fine […]

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