Eve Giveaway!

Hello, my little kumquats.  Today is your special day.  Eve: A Novel of the First Woman does not appear on bookshelves, I’m told, until January 27th.

Five of you (who enter, of course!) will receive, via priority mail, a brand-spanking-new hardcover edition of Eve. The directions are as follows.

Simply post something on today’s blog that will grace the general reader of this blog.  You may assume they may be much like you–funny and wonderful and oh so smart.  I’m leaving it wide open.  A quote, perhaps.  A simple story.  A funny anecdote.  A prayer.  A book recommendation.  A song’s lyrics.  The title of your favorite song.  [All I ask is that you respect copyright laws.  So, that means you cannot print a poem in its entirety, just a snippet.  If you would like to circumvent such rules, you might include a web address, so that readers might read it at another site.]

The deadline is Sunday, January 18th, at midnight PST.

To make it fair, and to relieve me of the stress of choosing, I will put all your names in a hat on Monday morning, draw five fortunate names, and post the winners on Monday’s blog.  The five winners will then need to contact me through my e-mail (comment4elissa at gmail dot com) with their address information.  I will mail the books on Tuesday morning, priority mail, so that you’ll receive it on Thursday or Friday of next week, about five days before others get a gander at it.

And if Eve doesn’t look like your cup of tea, never fear, I’ll think of something different the next time I do one of these thingamajigs.

Have a lovely evening, whatever you may be doing.

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