Episode 33: Is There Any Benefit to Feeling Regret?
October 3, 2011


Living the Questions Podcast, Episode 33 (Is There Any Benefit to Feeling Regret?)

Is there any benefit to regret, or is it absolutely necessary that we move on and refrain from beating ourselves up about past mistakes?  Which is it?

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“Praise for regret: People value regret above other negative emotions.”  Colleen Saffrey, Amy Summerville, and Neal J. Roese.

Science and Religion Today.  Professor Ronan O’Carroll’s post, “Is Potential Regret a Greater Motivator for Action Than Potential Benefit?”

Learning Place Online.  Arlene Harder’s “Letting Go of Regrets.”

Tiny Buddha.  Jenny Nichols’ “40 Ways to Live Life Without Regrets.” 

Tiny Buddha.  Lori Deschene’s “20 Ways to Let Go of Regrets.”

O Magazine’s Martha Beck’s article “Who’s Sorry Now?: Six Steps to Regret-proof Your Life.”


Arlene Harder’s Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life: Stop Wishing Your Life Were Different and Make It Happen.

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