Episode 24: Where Do You Go When You Need Emotional Refuge?
August 1, 2011

Living the Questions Podcast, Episode 24 (Where Do You Go When You Need Emotional Refuge?)

Do you have an escape route?  Somewhere to go, something you do, when you’re stressed or hurt?

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Joseph Shapiro’s “For Older Women, a Refuge from Emotional Abuse”The New York Times.

Dorianne Laux’s poem “For the Sake of Strangers.”

No matter what the grief, its weight,
we are obliged to carry it.
We rise and gather momentum, the dull strength
that pushes us through crowds.
And then the young boy gives me directions
so avidly. A woman holds the glass door open,
waits patiently for my empty body to pass through.
All day it continues, each kindness
reaching toward another—a stranger
singing to no one as I pass on the path, trees
offering their blossoms, a retarded child
who lifts his almond eyes and smiles.
Somehow they always find me, seem even
to be waiting, determined to keep me
from myself, from the thing that calls to me
as it must have once called to them—
this temptation to step off the edge
and fall weightless, away from the world.

Episode Artwork:

Rest and Relaxation by nelso47 on stock.xchng.

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