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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Last night was our first night out on the town, sans Liliana, since coming home with her.  We went to the theater to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then went to Sontes for drinks, so we could talk. May I be frank with you?  I must provide an aside first, so you’ll understand.  […]

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The Traces We Leave Behind

I’ll tell you what haunts me each day–how to change the world, one day at a time.  I’m cognizant of this when I hold Liliana tight, read her a story, make her a healthy snack, write letters, plan a surprise, even when I’m e-mailing.  I’m that aware that I’m living each moment as best I […]

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Excerpt from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Ryan sent me this lovely quote about children by Kahlil Gibran.  Mary sent me The Prophet years ago.  It’s a book you can read over and over again…and I have, many times. The words are delicious.  Savor them.  They fill the soul much like chocolate (okay I couldn’t resist that…maybe […]

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Words You Don’t Forget

When I was growing up, every June, my parents would pack up our VW bus, just as school was letting out for the summer, and we’d make the hot, sticky drive to somewhere around Bemidji–a small private lake called Star Lake–where there was a rustic cabin that was rented out to us for one week, […]

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Hot Mess

Yesterday we went to the beach for little L’s first visit.  Oh, she was out of her mind with fright.  The waves!  The roar!  The sand that moved eerily under her feet!  The sand that stuck to her skin!  Oh, please clean it off now! But somehow she managed, and she began to play with […]

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