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Last night, I had to trek up to the cities for a get-together with people from the film/screenwriting community, and on my way up, I listened to the latest podcast of MPR’s Speaking of Faith with Thich Nhat Hanh, a well-known and revered Zen master and poet who did an unusual thing during the Vietnam […]

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Good and Evil

Question for today.  If you believe in God, do you believe He sends us good and evil? We often credit Him with giving us good things–health, wealth, and love.  But we hesitate, it seems to me, to say He sends us bad things.  Why is that? While you’re thinking, here’s a verse to ruminate on.  […]

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Holding Up a Mirror to Ourselves

Can I just say that Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games deals with so much more than a futuristic nation’s sadistic starvation game in which 24 youths are chosen from twelve districts (one girl, one boy) to compete in the Capitol–until death…on TV?  Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?  It is. But, sadly, it’s an excellent portrayal of […]

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Is It Ever Right To Lie?

Years ago, when I was still teaching high schoolers, the movie Life is Beautiful came out, and it was the topic of much discussion as my students entered and exited my room during passing periods.  “Go see it, Elliott,” they’d say.  [They always knocked off the “Mrs.”  I think it was their way of including […]

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Why Can’t We Be Good?

This is the most fascinating book.  Needleman is a philosophy professor at San Francisco State University and the author of numerous books.  This one drew my attention, because of the book I’m writing now. Needleman starts with a story, which you may have heard already.  Bear with me.  There are two men facing each other–a […]

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