God as Groundwater

I liked these two bits of storytelling.  The first is an analogy.  The second is a story. Bishop John Shelby Spong, in one of his interviews with The Religion Report, quotes ex-Catholic priest Matthew Fox as saying God is like groundwater. I like that.  Various cultural groups are digging wells to reach life-giving well water, […]

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Society without God?

I’ve just finished the most intriguing book—Society without God by Phil Zuckerman. He begins with these bold, introductory statements: Zuckerman lived in Scandinavia for 14 months, during which time he traveled extensively and interviewed as many people as he could, addressing several key points for this book.  First, he argues that “society without God is […]

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The Group Never Invents Anything

For a while now, one of my dreams has been to be a fly on the wall in a room full of TV writers, more specifically, in a development room where they’re creating the episode arcs and story lines for the season.  I’ve always wondered at how creative one can be in a group.  Obviously, […]

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World Travel From Your Armchair

We’re going on a whirlwind trip to Paris this morning.  Grab your Trader Joe’s pain au chocolat and your Nespresso cappuccino for this first video.  Are you with me?     Isn’t that the coolest thing?  Albin Holmqvist is a Stockholm art director and designer who’s come up with three other videos, if you want […]

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You’ll have to bear with me here.  On Memorial Day, I crushed 3 fingers in a wood splitter, causing a rushed trip to the ER.  2 nail bed repairs, 2 pins, lots of stitches later, I’m on the mend.  Except that I can’t do the one thing I need to do, and that’s type!  Well, […]

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The quote I live by

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.
--Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet

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