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Have You Had a Snow Day Yet?

Well, if you’re in a wintry area of the country like I am, then the answer is probably a resounding “yes!” I found the best website for filling up those snow-blanketed days with creative activities.  5 Orange Potatoes, which you can view here.  I’d start with the Snow Cream.  Obviously, it’s why you’re all wondrously […]

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Muhammad’s Favorite Wife

What is truth, really?  How do we separate what we’ve been told in childhood from truth?  And how do we find the truth as adults?  For some of us, finding it is imperative, because somewhere, buried deep in our bone marrow is the feeling that some things are true, some are false.  The difficult question […]

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Things We Don’t Normally See

These are the things we’re enjoying this week…besides the beach…and the sun…and the pool… As you can see from the above picture, the grasshoppers are HUGE! Then there’s the resident peacock. And the plethora of lizards–too many to count… And the turtles… And the gardens (this is important because school was canceled back home today […]

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Shiny Painting

Wright won the prestigious British art award–the Turner Prize–for this massive painting.  His work was described by Reuters as having “the ephemeral beauty of a glistening spider’s web, something created with painstaking detail but which will not last.” I would think it would be pretty spectacular to stand in front of that glowing piece.  And […]

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Killer List of Hope

I’ll be the first to admit that Christians have a bad reputation, in general.  At least that’s been my experience.  And if you don’t believe me, here’s Shane Claiborne’s open-letter apology to non-believers in Esquire. And yet I’ll offer some hope below, in a (positive) killer list from Lauren Winner (about what she believes people […]

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