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Have You Ever Experienced a Pivotal Moment in Your Life?

From my podcast of the same name. Today we’re talking about pivotal or defining moments in our lives.  Singular or plural.  Have you ever experienced one?  If so, was it painful or exhilarating?  How did it change you? Maybe you’ve never labeled your aha moments as such—pivotal—but we all have moments where our vision has […]

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The Girl in the Cafe

We had movie club on Friday night and showed The Girl in the Cafe–which Dan and I had seen before and loved. If you’ve ever seen Bill Nighy in anything (Love Actually is one of Dan’s and my favorites), or Kelly MacDonald in anything (she was Josh Brolin’s wife in No Country for Old Men), […]

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I figured it was as good a time as any to offer up some lovely snippets of things I’ve read or heard in the past few days. I received a funny e-mail from my friend Sara yesterday.  She informed me that her daughter Hannah’s question for the day was, “Did God have parents, or was […]

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