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Have You Ever Experienced a Pivotal Moment in Your Life?

From my podcast of the same name. Today we’re talking about pivotal or defining moments in our lives.  Singular or plural.  Have you ever experienced one?  If so, was it painful or exhilarating?  How did it change you? Maybe you’ve never labeled your aha moments as such—pivotal—but we all have moments where our vision has […]

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What 10 Books Have Influenced How You Look At the World?

We have winners for the two up-for-grab issues of Books & Culture, May/June 2010 issue! Renae and Lindsey.  Congratulations, you two!  If you’ll e-mail me at comment4elissa at gmail dot com and provide me with your addresses, I shall send them straightaway.  Happiest of reading to you. John Wilson, my editor at Books & Culture, […]

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Finding Purpose in Pain

I feel a little inept at commenting on poet Cairns’ book (The End of Suffering: Finding Purpose in Pain by Scott Cairns), simply because I’ve already dealt with the universal problem of suffering in Eve (for myself).  That statement sounds more grandiose than I intended.  “Dealt with suffering” is never as final as a door […]

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The God I Don’t Understand

I’m starting to read The God I Don’t Understand by Christopher Wright.  I like the title.  I like what it claims.  The subtitle reads, “Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith.”  I’m afraid, though, that it won’t answer my other questions, that of the origins of Christian faith and thought.  That’s where I’m stuck now. It’s fine […]

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There Is A God

Be prepared.  Today’s post is long…but necessary, for me.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll have lighter fare, you poor dears. It’s only fair that I let you in on my thinking processes, since so recently (around Easter) I was asked to answer three important questions by Bing from Birmingham. I’ve been quite honest about the fact that […]

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