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Elton John & Billy Joel

So, tonight we’re seeing Elton John and Billy Joel in concert.  My sister Worthy says it’s a loooong concert, which is good, except that she says that the best songs are last, so wait until the 3 and 1/2 hour mark.  Whew.  Am I getting old or what? Liliana’s staying home with two lovely babysitters […]

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Who Can Understand God?

Question for today. And I sincerely want feedback on this.  This has been a wondering of mine for a long time. Do you believe that the only way to know God, truly know Him, is to learn the original languages of the various Bibles that have been handed down to us and to get the […]

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Religious Rituals

I’m curious.  Those of you who attended church as a child and are familiar with the hymns and creeds of old, do you pine for them still, when you go to church and are inundated by the 7/11 songs (7 words repeated 11 times)?  Or do you find solace in all kinds of music, as […]

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Sufjan Stevens

Have you heard of Sufjan Stevens?  He’s been around a while, but I thought, on the off chance that you hadn’t heard about him, I would introduce you. My friend Becky was listening to his him this past week (and loving him), and it got me to thinking that I’d completely forgotten about him, tucked […]

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Another Lesson in Holding Your Judgment

May I just say that I had to include this lovely story today, because my husband’s just sent me the link, and I’m floored.  I’m talking about Susan Boyles’ audition on Britain’s Got Talent, which stunned the normally caustic Simon Cowell and his colleagues, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden…and the reticent, ridiculing crowd.  I’d like […]

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