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Lady Gaga

Last fall, Dan and I went to a Lady Gaga concert, just to see what all the hype was about.  It was an eye-opener, let me tell you, but in the most positive way.  She calls her fans (and she has a massive, loyal following, let me tell you) Little Monsters. She recently tweeted a […]

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Stand Up. Face Your Fears.

The Peruvian department store chain Saga Falabella created a powerful ad awhile back, dealing with one’s need for change.  It was brilliant storytelling, in that it both highlighted how brave it is (on a personal level) to embrace change and encouraged (in a roundabout way) its customers to look for change in their stores.  At […]

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The Spiritual Dimension of Depression

Although my father was never diagnosed with clinical depression, he suffered under its heavy hand most his life.  Later in life, when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the doctors put him on antidepressants, he was nicer, kinder.  Since depression is in my genes, I’m more cognizant of its grip.  It can be crippling and […]

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What Brings You Joy?

What energizes you or causes you joy?  Is it your work?  Your family?  A hobby? I’ve found that if I’m creating or learning something new, I’m enthused for days.  It can be almost anything–a cooking class, a new workout regime, a painting class, a great parenting tip. Right now, I’ve resolved to learn the guitar. […]

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Hello Again

Oh, it’s so good to be back.  I’ve missed you sorely.  It really took me too long to fix this website and transfer it over to WordPress.  I had to learn how to code html and what an ftp client was and how to tweak a logo. In the meantime, I’ve concocted a new Living the […]

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