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Making Sense of the Tsunami

I found a great article (CNN’s Jessica Ravitz’s “Finding Faith Amid Disaster”) that compiled comments from various belief sectors (including ones from a rabbi, a Buddhist priest, a Jesuit priest, one of the directors of the Islamic Society, a Buddhist monk, an atheist, a Buddhist nun, and the president and CEO of the Billy Graham […]

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Quirky Assignments To Make You See the World In a New Way

For seven years, writer and filmmaker Miranda July and artist Harrell Fletcher maintained a site called Learning to Love You More, where they posted creative assignments “to inspire people to see the world in new ways.”  The site has since been taken over by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection (so you […]

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I’m reading The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield.  He talks of Resistance (with a capital R) like it’s something to be reckoned with.  You don’t have to be a creative artist to know what he’s talking about.  Resistance somehow wheedles its way into everyone’s […]

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Take a Bite Out of the Glorious World

A song for you.  Is there someone you want to see happy?  Is it yourself?  Or someone you love? This is my wish for you on this beautiful Wednesday morning… “More than anything / I want to see you go / Take a glorious bite / Out of the whole world…”     And for […]

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Do you have a nervous habit?  I did.  I do.  But they’ve morphed over the years.  From my childhood until I was married, I used to rock myself to sleep by shaking my foot back and forth.  [As you might imagine, this did not go over well with Dan, my husband, and I had to […]

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