Inspiration is Always Around the Corner

I’m a sucker for:

  1. Beautiful art
  2. Easy DIY projects

And when the two can be combined, yippee for me.

See the Geometric Floor Puzzle (from Merrilee’s Mer Mag blog) above?  It’s sponge-painted hardboard.  Perfect for stimulating the imagination…and creating your own lovely piece of heaven.  Brilliant, I say!

How about Holly’s Chez Beeper Bebe’s Counting Bean Bags?  Beautiful as well as practical!

Fun in the Making’s How to Tie a Bowline Knot.  How clever is that?  Because we all know knots are a necessity–to tie kids up, to tie back fort entrances, to make beautiful jump rope handles…

How adorable is HopSkipJump’s house sandwich?  Food tastes so much better when it’s artfully arranged (or cut), don’t you agree?

How can you go wrong with Good + Happy Day’s Jackson Pollock painting?  This is, by far, my favorite activity with kids.  It’s easy, and it looks amazingly hip and modern.  [I must confess.  I did one for my sister and her husband’s apartment.  They were being way too nice to me when they actually hung it.]  I suppose if it’s snowy outside, you could always fill squirt bottles with dyed water.  Now wouldn’t that be a spectacle?

Make up a story with the use of The Toby Show’s Story Dice.  This is next on my list.  Liliana now starts her own stories with “Cepon a time….” and ends them, emphatically with “The End!”

If you have a child who has named her fists as characters (Liliana’s are Clara and Georgia), then you’ll love Meet Me at Mike’s Crocheted Finger Puppets.  That is, if you’re a crocheter.

maya*made’s Valentine Pretzels.  Do I need to tell you why these are a good thing?

What’s not to love on a Monday afternoon?

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--Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet

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