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Its Doors Forever Open

[Post image: Open door by saavem on stock.xchng]

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Sexual Honesty

Tony Jones’ blog post “What’s a Christian to do with…Dan Savage?” got me thinking. Maybe it’ll do the same for you. My favorite part of all this?  One of Jones’ parting comments: …many Christians are ready for our conversations about sexuality to expand beyond “what to do with the gays,” and instead have a more […]

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Summer Music Mix

This Saturday Dan and I are going to our second U2 360º Tour concert.  This time we’re in the Red Zone.  Up close so we can see Bono’s and Edge’s nose hairs. You can never have too much music, right?  And it’s always fun to hear someone else’s idea of a good mix.  You may […]

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Why I Hate Snark

I don’t do “heated” posts very often, but today is one of those.  A week ago, I saw something on Facebook that stunned me.  I see snark all the time on Facebook, but this was different.  This was someone I highly respected doing it, and it just floored me.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We […]

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